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Wompoo Fruit-Dove

Wompoo Fruit-Dove

Ptilinopus magnificus


Pigeons and Doves

Conservation status:

Least concern

Brain to Body Mass Ratio:


Date Taken:

Saturday, 5 October 2019

Closest Suburb To Observation:


Large Wompoo fruit-dove feeding alongside even larger Topknot pigeons on a fig tree, overhanging the motorcycle race track to Mt Glorious. The Wompoo were eating the figs (ficus macrophylla?) whole, swallowing what was at least 2/3 their head diameter. The ability to swallow larger fruits has been attributed to a wider range of food source utilization in comparison to other fruit doves.

Some authors mention that this is one of the most splendid of Australian pigeons in appearance. It's also known to have been an attractive food source for early settlers and this hunting has contributed to local extinctions, however the dove has shown signs of recovery in the southerly extent of it's range.

Alternate Sightings

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