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White-headed Pigeon

White-headed Pigeon

Columba leucomela


Pigeons and Doves

Conservation status:

Least concern

Brain to Body Mass Ratio:


Date Taken:

Friday, 30 August 2019

Closest Suburb To Observation:


Cinnamomum camphora being introduced to Australia has assisted the recovery of a few fortunate species of pigeon. The White-headed has benefited most, with numbers increasing due to their becoming inedible after consuming the Camphor laurel. This individual didn't seem to be too concerned about my presence despite my delighted imposition on it's foraging to capture a digital still of it's form in all it's glory. This is in contrast to their wary unobtrusive nature, in-fact I would have guessed the opposite behaviour, one of confiding is their normal dealing with non-threatening humans.

The Camphor Laurel has also been implicated in the expansion of the pigeons range into abnormal habitats and in greater numbers, such as the open country and farmland where this individual was located.  

A nest for this species might be in either a thick crown of a low bushy tree or in thick vines and range from flimsy to substantial.

Alternate Sightings

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