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Flock Bronzewing

Flock Bronzewing

Phaps histrionica


Pigeons and Doves

Conservation status:

Least concern

Brain to Body Mass Ratio:


Date Taken:

Monday, 6 April 2020

Closest Suburb To Observation:


These pigeons are described as both iconic and charismatic. I can't anthropomorphisize so willing, however I can see that their habit of flying at great speed as you stand over a waterhole's edge in the semi-arid or arid interior of Australia is an inspiration to watch. The Bronzewings are known for their powerful flight and the "swoosh" noise of their wingbeats in a silent outback as the Flock species do a characteristic two-pass flyover reconnaissance is pronounced. 

The species has undergone range contract for various reasons and is currently a topic of research. It seems to be from overgrazing and various fire regimes, see reference below for further reading. They are irruptive and suddenly appear in great numbers, the event triggered by weather cycles and their capability derived from being born pregant like a tribble.

Another observation I made was that the Bronzewings were quick to drink and this may be as a result of my presence, though from what I understand estrildid finches and pigeons can actively pump water, perhaps to minimize exposure to predators on the ground?


The ecology and conservation of the Flock Bronzewing Pigeon Phaps histrionica, Peter L. Dostine, Australian National University

Alternate Sightings

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