Species By Habitat

  • Arid open woodlands

    Arid open woodlands

    Arid, Sparse Trees, Grass understorey

  • Coastal and alpine heathlands

    Coastal and alpine heathlands

    Heath, Nutrient poor soil, Sandy, Low-clay

  • Crop and or degraded farmland

    Crop and or degraded farmland

    Wheat Farming and mallee fragmentation

  • Default



  • Desert


  • Dry sclerophyll

    Dry sclerophyll

    Woodland, Open, Indigestible leaves

  • Gibber plains

    Gibber plains

    Stony desert, Arid, Lack of vegetation

  • Grassland general

    Grassland general

    Grassland areas, on verge of another habitat

  • Mallee


    Scrub Woodland, Nutrient poor soil, Mediteranean

  • Mangroves


    Saline, Shrubs, Trees

  • Monsoon vine forests

    Monsoon vine forests

    Dry Vine Forests, Coastal, Sandy soil

  • Mulga


    Shrubland, Woodland, sandy soil, rocky soil

  • Open woodlands

    Open woodlands

    Woodland, Grass understorey, Low rainfall

  • Pelagic waters

    Pelagic waters

    Continental shelf

  • Saltmarsh And Samphire

    Saltmarsh And Samphire

    Lake edges, Salt Tolerant Vegetation

  • Sandstone escarpments

    Sandstone escarpments

    Escarpment, Sandstone, Arid

  • Sandy cays and barrier reefs

    Sandy cays and barrier reefs

    Barrier reef

  • Southern rocky coastlines and Sandy Beaches

    Southern rocky coastlines and Sandy Beaches

    Steep Sandy beaches, Nutrient deficient, Rocky shores

  • Spinifex grassland

    Spinifex grassland

    Arid, Inland, Desert cover, Understorey

  • Subtropical rainforests

    Subtropical rainforests

    Forest, Subtropical, Upland, Cooler

  • Temperate rainforests

    Temperate rainforests

    Woodland, Rain, Temperate

  • Temperate wetlands

    Temperate wetlands

    Wetland, Temperate

  • Tidal mudflats and beaches

    Tidal mudflats and beaches

    Calmer Seas, Near estuaries, Biomatter deposition in silts greater

  • Treed famland

    Treed famland

    Grassland, Cattle grazed, suitable trees for nesting and or feeding

  • Tropical rainforests

    Tropical rainforests

    North, Lowland coast, Warm, High Rainfall, Dense Canopy, Open understorey

  • Tropical savannahs

    Tropical savannahs

    Small trees and shrubs, Grasses covering ground, Open, Tropical climate

  • Tropical wetlands

    Tropical wetlands

    Riparian, Lake, Billabong, River flood-plain, Tropical, North

  • Tussock grasslands

    Tussock grasslands


  • Urban parks and gardens

    Urban parks and gardens

    Open, Exposed No ground cover, Aggressive species dominate

  • Wet sclerophyll

    Wet sclerophyll

    Woodland, Tall, Open

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